Allergies from tattoo on hand and foot

Tattoo: On Hand & Foot

Tattoo on hand and foot has issues and consequences that are different from tattoos on other parts of the body as the skin here is not like the rest of the body.

1. Hands and feet tattoos will spread more and faster than tattoos located on other parts of the body. Because of the spread issue, designs on the hands and feet must be very graphic in nature and cannot be too detailed. If they are very detailed and small within a short amount of time the tattoo will loose it’s definition and become blurred.

2. The body may not accept tattoos on the palms of the hand and soles of the foot. .

3. There is greater chance of infection associated with a hand or foot tattoo as hands and feet get dirty. Extra care and attention will need to be paid during the entire healing time (1-3 weeks).

4. During the healing period you cannot wear any shoe or sock that will rub the healing tattoo. No nylon stockings can be worn while the tattoo heals, as they do not allow the tattoo to breath.

5. A healed tattoo can be rubbed out on the foot if the placement is such that your shoe will routinely rub it.

6. Diabetics cannot receive a tattoo below the knee due to issues with healing.

7. Tattoos on the hands and feet are PAINFUL! It is not recommended that your first tattoo be in either of these locations.

8. There is no guarantee on tattoos on the hand or foot. All touch-ups will be at the expense of the client.There is a handling charge for a hand or foot tattoo in addition to the actual application cost. The handling fee is $50.00. The tattoo application cost will be dependant on the time it takes to complete the application.

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