NHL Playoffs: OVER/UNDER Props

A Stanley Cup triumph is clearly about more than individual success but it’s been demonstrated over and over again a player getting hot at the ideal time can help propel a team to the pinnacle of the National Hockey League mountain.
Last year, it was Logan Couture. He poured in an unbelievable 30 points to lead all skaters during the Sharks’ run all the way to Game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals while his teammate Joe Pavelski paced the area in goals with 14.
Both of these amounts, however, were rather high. The average number of points the leading point-getter has earned since the team resumed play following the 2004-05 lockout is 26.45 while the average amount of goals the major goal scorer has since is 12.7.
I really don’t see many sweeps occurring in the first round of a 2017 playoff mount I am projecting to be extremely competitive. I think this rivalry leads to games that are additional and — you guessed it — goals and more points.
San Jose and Pittsburgh both played 24 games during their 2016 conquests and that I could see that number increasing this year.If you are like me and you watch every second of NHL playoff hockey, you and your significant other may not see eye to eye on the total amount of face-time the both of you get during the postseason and that can result in some lonely nights. Luckily, sportsbooks provide us some additional props to wager on during Lord Stanley’s playoffs to increase that amount of action we’re getting (pun incredibly intended).
BetOnline created a listing of OVER/UNDER props to your pleasure and I’ve chosen a couple of these outside to have a closer look at.
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