Anthoine Hubert a reminder of F1 danger as Charles Leclerc digs deep

That was a very emotionally-charged weekend, so tragic and sad.
He was a significant part of the fabric of life for most drivers and staff members at the paddock, although I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Anthoine Hubert who’d lost his entire own life at the weekend. The Arden group that he was driving for, not least.
Karun a meeting winner in Spa
And not forgetting F2 driver Juan Manuel Correa too who faces a lengthy recovery. Older drivers in the paddock could relate to this continuing challenge.
Harm and death in sport’s title is difficult to accept. The challenge is that the foundation of our sport involves young people driving cars on the limit, at demanding race tracks.
That is the thrill of rushing driving as well as spectating. It is our intention of present, pushing machines and humans . Despite the best efforts and big investment in circuits and cars there remains quite substantial level of personal danger.
We’ve become conditioned to drivers stepping out of wrecks that it becomes much more shocking if they do not.
The cars have very strict regulations crash-structure design all around the driver’s body, along with cautious control and high-speed collision testing of flying brakes and flammable liquids. The challenge is that if they made them any more sturdy and more heavy the impact loads will be higher also.
Production techniques and materials plus data-driven expertise will continue to improve the survival cell’s integrity within price limitations and weight.
The tracks of the world fluctuate substantially in era and layout, and particularly the circuits frequently require solutions topography accessible and to fit the distance. In Raidillon and also Eau Rouge the climb up the rock face is really a spectacular challenge, and the run-off comprises the depart for its heavily-used elderly and second pit lane on the right hand side of this downhill approach.
When’s the GP on Sky?
The zone towards the best of Raidillon corner was extended through time, however the incline means you fly over looking up to the skies and the unsighted. The design of the area does are inclined to feed cars back to the race track. At the race, a car spun over the surface of Raidillon due to a puncture which others had to prevent, leaving them vulnerable to automobiles after.
I wonder should style obstacles, really because we used to have in the high-speed Blanchimont corner Spa, would not enable never hitting against the barriers in sharp angles and the cars to slide farther away from risk. And the deficiency of much run-off area would generate less need and more care to control through at speeds that are unabated. But challenging corners will always be thrilling and insecure whatsoever. We can not just race in level-straight lines.
Through pressure and all the pain arose Charles Leclerc for Ferrari.
His rod position lap his start and restarts flawless was slick smooth, and management enhanced. And in the final stages with all the ever-relentless Lewis Hamilton chasing him down he did not falter.
We’ve seen Leclerc drive after the passing of close buddies Jules Bianchi and his dad and Anthoine Hubert today at international level in adversity times. On Sunday he did while carrying at age 21 and the powerful Ferrari team on his shoulders.
I knew he was likely to be good, but not that good. He as Sebastian Vettel struggles to match his speed and command the team leader, and he is still improving fast. It occasions for Seb, and together with all this weekend’s events and taking a look at his own life and achievements, he needs to be mulling over each of choices.
Vettel still has the rate , but it’s uncomfortable that it’s over a year since he won a race, and that now and both Kimi Raikkonen Leclerc have won a race to Ferrari. But following his ancient pit stop on lap 15 since he had been at risk from an undercut with Mercedes, by afterwards delaying Hamilton a few minutes prior to losing second place to him, it was a defining moment in Leclerc getting the breathing space to claim victory against the charging Hamilton.
Kimi was unlucky into turn whilst connecting together using Max Verstappen. In various ways it was a Spa turn one incident at the race start. Kimi could have made a bit more space on the inside just in case, but he’d have had no opportunity to find the Red Bull in his blockages charging up the two lanes over.
Max was likely a bit too impatient and recovered from another poor start to repair that, presenting his wheel and wing into a position.
Caught up was Daniel Ricciardo within his inaugural quickly Renault, along with contacts. My heart stopped at the stage because following four breaking F1 races I feared we might be in for a steady one. Ironically more the DRS rear wing was fairly effective but we watched unwanted and several overtakes actions.
How Red Bull introduction was shone on by Albon
Lando Norris was robbed of a terrific spot that was fifth by unreliability. He navigated the corner very intelligently where McLaren weren’t shining 22, and his pace was solid in a weekend. I lost a third place forcing for McLaren and it annoys me somewhat now. It’s dreadful to be redeemed to the last lap after youaccepted the risks and’ve done the job.
Alex Albon did not make much floor in his first Red Bull drive, but then came to the finish on soft palate to overtake many and slip Norris’s fifth location. Timely, and nicely driven, particularly within his duel with Sergio Perez in the final stages, who had a fine race to get Racing Point.
Hamilton extended his guide to 65 points with eight races to go. He had everyone’s step on Sunday Leclerc, that paired the greats such as Michael Schumacher and Jim Clark in wining his debut GP at Spa.
If you saw me out you will know I said that a number of security and the barriers you’ll find a bit’old school’. They may be made better, along with the FIA will carry out investigations and make improvements. But we have to keep the likes of Spa on the calendar.
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