Darius Charles interview: Wycombe defender who just refused to quit

Wycombe Wanderers defender Darius Charles was advised that he should retire but he found a different way. Adam Bate caught up with him in the club’s training ground to listen to his inspirational story…
“Honestly, I just believed,” Darius Charles informs Sky Sports.
“There’s this great expression that I have on my cell phone. The world creates a way where they’re going for people who know. I determined where I was planning to go, I understood. I wanted to become a footballer again. When I made that decision, everything began to change.”
For a while, that decision looked to be out of his hands. Charles had arthritis in his hip and had not played a match for half a year. As recently as the spring, the 31-year-old Wycombe Wanderers guardian has been sat in a physician’s office faced with a stark option. Quit football or confront the possibility of a very first hip replacement before age 40.
“He had been very clear with me. ‘it’s possible to only have three, If have your initial one today which means from the time you are 60 you’ll have had your hip replacement. You’re a young man, you have to reside. You have to decide whether it is helpful for your well-being. You have a nine-year-old son’ He said he would not work”
But now, it’s emotional for Charles to revisit. “It was a surprise to my machine,” he says. “I had to pick between trying to find a surgeon who would work on me and risk the hip replacement in the forthcoming years or stop football and handle it the best I could. There was no alternative. Stopping playing was the choice for me at the time.
“It had been very tough for me to not begin crying right there and in the workplace. I didn’t say much. I came out with all the physio and a sigh was just that there. I got to the train and replayed the conversation in my mind. Did he mention what I think he said? It was just like I had been having an out-of-body encounter and I watched it. I really don’t think I can process it.
“Being a footballer defined me. Once I left the training floor, I didn’t quit being a footballer. That becomes who you are if you don’t realise it. Having that removed had me. I realised that I had never done the character building that you go in your formative years when you are working to find out who you are.
“I went from primary school to high school to soccer. I acted on schooling for my entire life. My main fear was the thought that if I am not Darius the footballer who am I? I don’t know how to do anything else. I didn’t understand where to begin. I am not utilized to alter. I’ve had a few clubs but just one job. I had discovered the thing that I loved performing .”
There were tears when Charles went Gareth Ainsworth’s office to discuss his position. The conversation had been postponed by him as long as he could. Wycombe battled against relegation and Charles didn’t need to become a burden. For not having the ability to contribute, he also apologised to Ainsworth.
He was overwhelmed by the answer. Ainsworth told me he had led more than he would ever know. “The gaffer is a incredible person,” says Charles. “Forget being an incredible gaffer, he’s an unbelievable man because he supported me emotionally. That’s what I wanted. I was crying.” And after the tears came a very bold forecast.
“I told him, I believe I can come back.”
Ainsworth made it very clear that when Charles could secure healthy the door will be available for him at Wycombe.
It had been the end. But it was also the start.
Charles got in contact Rob Gallagher, a mobility expert who’d had the harm, and he started to do the exercises that he prescribed. “I began to feel much better.” He became a vegan and also slimmed down his body considerably. “The weight has been hindering my progress,” he adds. “The less weight you take the easier it is for the human body to keep that load.”
What followed took some time, work strength and drive. “It was challenging in the feeling that it was very tedious. There is a lot of low-level workout. The kind of things your grandparents could do and that I need to do it morning, noon and nighttime. There are always times when you are struggling and you want to give up. Nevertheless, it’s not difficult to do this.”
There were also the podcasts that got him through the books and the summertime also. He was directed by oprah Winfrey’s SuperSoul conversations to Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly Transforms the Way we Live, Parent Love and Lead. He is touch with now. “Every conversation that I have about it’s like treatment,” laughs Charles.
Slowly but surely he agreed a short-term bargain to go back to Wycombe in August and started to feel that he could handle the pain. Then, the moment arrived. An accident crisis at Fleetwood in front of a midweek match. Charles played and played. He kept his place for the triumph over Southend and the sheet off into his former team Wimbledon. Three matches in 12 days.
That is a huge ask for almost any player but. He is handling his affliction. He does not train with the remainder of the group on a Monday and Tuesday – a scenario that brings together with the banter. “I am not going to coin the phrase’lower-league Ledley King’ but when folks wish to give it me afterward…”
Crucially, Ainsworth understands.
“This is an ailment I have so I want to become micro-managed,” says Charles. “The gaffer lets me that moment. I am just here in his disposal”
For how long, though?
He is just taken by his contract to January. Some gamers would find that unsettling but Charles does not think like this. Not any more.
“Listen, I have got arthritis in my hip,” he says. “It’s exactly what it is. For the time being, I’m still a footballer but that I can only resist medical science so muchbetter. I’ve got a body with constraints. I can’t possibly let you know just how much time I am likely to playwith. I really don’t think about doing it. I’ll need to address that, if I start to think I wish it’d last my entire body breaks down then.
“However, the biggest thing is acceptance. Once you discard the expectations you turn into a good deal lighter. It makes it much easier for me to awaken in smile and pain. If I wake up and do not feel great I do not feel good. This is an extraordinary story but that I might not play another game again. But I put my heart and I did it. I am thankful for this. It’s a blessing.
“I have revealed my son that you are capable of overcoming anything if you truly believe and you can become anything you want to when you’re determined. I could not offer a lesson to him. I’ve one GCSE although my son is quite intelligent. What else can I show him? It’s a wonderful life lesson and I have been able to reveal through example.”
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